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"IMMEDIA" aimed to create and test a cooperation model between electronic music composers, sound designers and media artists in the field of immersive media with the goal to build a basis for closer cooperation between the departments and stronger inclusion of this subject in the curricula.

Electronic and electroacoustic composition, sound and video technology artists and experts shared their experience with students and helped them to realise creative ideas. Students learned to create music for sound sphere combining it with video and thus developing contemporary possibilities of immersive media (360 degree sound and video). Creative experiments, project development and open lectures took place in the Julius Juzeliūnas spatial sound sphere of the Music Innovation Studies Centre (MiSC).

The first session took place 7-17 September 2021, the second session 10-20 May 2022 and the third session 21 April-1 May 2023 at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.

Project partners:
Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (coordinator)
Latvian Academy of Music
Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
Gothenburg Academy of Music and Drama
Sibelius Academy
Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
Oulu University of Applied Sciences
Malmö Academy of Music
Norwegian Academy of Music
Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg
Royal Danish Academy of Music

Watch IMMEDIA first session FILM produced by Anttu Herva and Heikki Timonen!