Nordplus Framework Programme

NORDPLUS/SIU (Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Higher Education)

Espresso online application and reporting system

CIMO (Centre for International Mobility, Helsinki, Finland)

Danish Music Information Centre

Finnish Music Information Centre

Iceland Music Information Centre

Music Norway

Swedish Music Information Centre

Estonian Music Information Centre

ABAM (Association of Baltic Academies of Music)

AEC (The European Association of Conservatoires)

ELIA (European League of Institutes of the Arts)

ISME (International Society of Music Education)

Music + Practice (New Journal for Practice Studies in Music)

NASM (National Association of Schools of Music)

NIFIN (Nordic Institute in Finland)

NORDUnet (Nordic Infrastructure for Research & Education)

NordForsk (Nordic Research Advisory Body) 

ODIN (Online Data Registration and Reporting System)

Study in Scandinavia (The American-Scandinavian Foundation)

Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland