The partners in the network are all among the leading institutions in the Nordic and the Baltic countries within the academic field "music education" (in the Nordic countries called "music pedagogy"). 

The network comprises 17 institutions, carefully selected, and represent all the five Nordic and the three Baltic countries. For a number of years Bergen University College has all been the network coordinator. 

The broad aim of the network is to strengthen the reflection and the discussion of music education, and through this also to contribute to its development. The particular strengths and specialties of each country and institution are made use of in network cooperation and thus it is possible to carry out in-depth studies with perspectives and broadness exceeding the capacity of individual institutions.

The network contact persons have good connections with the international network ISME (International Society for Music Education) and NNMPF (Nordisk nettverk for musikkpedagogisk forskning). 

Network activities:
Network activities include teacher and student exchange, network planning and intensive seminars for masters students. Joint intensive courses for master students has been one of the key areas of the network. Eleven courses have been organized. 

The topics and focuses have varied according to the hosts and their specialities and preferences. Students also get the opportunity to present their ongoing projects. Particular teachers at the course comment upon these projects. 

By choosing commentators from other institutions and countries with different research traditions the students might get a broader perspective on their project.

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